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Summer #2 Amplifier


Well, many of you have said you wanted a smaller amplifier that you could play at lower volumes with our quality of sound.

Summer # 2 For Sale

I designed this amplifier to be played in homes with responsive thick tone; all from a beautiful piece of artwork. I would like to take this time to introduce you to...

  • Solid Chesapeake Walnut
  • Copper chassis
  • American NOS tubes
  • Hemp grill cloth
  • Leather handle
  • Warm tone
  • Silver wiring
  • Hemp cover

Summer is limited to 1000 pieces

The Summer is a 3.5 watt class A guitar amplifier. There is one control and that is for volume. A simple circuit moves the most information through an amplifier and that is our goal. To provide you with tones that represent all of the feeling you put into your notes.
The pre-amp tube is new old stock (NOS) 12SL7 or 12SN7. The 12SN7 tube will make the Summer clean and accurate. The 12SL7 will give the Summer a hotter bite and a much warmer tone.
Summer is cathode biased, so tube changes can be made without electronic adjustments. The 12V6 power tube can sound clear and articulate when driven by the 12SN7 or hot and sweltery when the 12SL7 is plugged in.
A 12X4 rectifier tube is in charge of providing the human quality we love.
Silver is a better conductor than Copper and offers more upper frequency detail. Summer's signal path is wired with .999 fine Silver 20 guage wire and the capacitors are Paper in Oil with Silver leads.
A copper chassis suspends the tubes and components on a rubber damped suspension. This protects your tubes from harmful vibrations.
The solid Chesapeake Walnut cabinet measures 13" x 13" x 9". A Summer sings through a custom 8" Alnico Weber VST speaker created for Mill Hill.
Hemp is the world's strongest natural fiber and will save the planet! Summer's hemp grill cloth is tea stained to add a warmer glow. Included with every Summer is a custom MH embroidered cover which features a pure hemp exterior with a soft fleece lining.
Top it off with a leather handle , rubber feet and you have the toneful ingredients of a Summer.

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