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Hedgehog Amp


  The Hedgehog is a proper beast. 


The Hedgehog is a Mill Hill Audio spin on English circuit design showcasing EL84 power tubes and a single 10" Fane Alnico speaker.  There are two differently designed preamplifier channels which feed a single tone control section.  After this we have a switchable variable negative feedback loop, so you can remove the loop or vary the amount of feedback.  The more feedback you add, the tighter the control of the amplifier has to provide a truer representation of your note.   Roll off feedback and your notes get more prickly... Click off the feedback loop and the Hedgehog is a Beast! 

The Hedgehog cabinet is constructed with Baltic Birch plywood, covered with 'Made in England' wool cloth covering, a hemp grill cloth to protect the speaker and a hand tooled leather handle to safely pick up the beast. The Hedgehog has a damped tube mezzanine which is mounted inside the amplifier chassis, for the purpose of isolating speaker vibrations to the tubes.

The solid copper face plate is artistically sanded and chemically etched with a Mill Hill logo.  All this fun in a simple package.
The Hedgehog amplifier now resides in our recording studio, Rockwood Records.

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