Zebra Head Amplifier

Mill Hill Audio is proud to announce another new design for 2014, "The Zebra Head" amplifier.  A fresh new Mill Hill Audio design providing 50 Watts of vacuum tube power in a hand wired point to point construction style, sheltered in a beautiful Zebra wood cabinet.

The Zebra Head Amplifier is intended for any stringed instrument proficiently emanating guitar and bass frequencies.   There are two inputs, the first feeds a 6SJ7 Pentode and has it's own volume knob to blend with the second input volume knob which feeds a 6SN7 or 6SL7.  The two inputs create an impedance blend and alter each others tone, dual interactive volume controls.  The third control is a Tone knob and moves your bottom end around...  Power Tubes are currently a 6550 pair although you can change them out with 6V6's, 6L6's, EL34's, KT66's and others, without any electronic adjustments needed as the power tubes are cathode biased.  The last tube is the Rectifier tube and it too is interchangeable with many different feeling rectifier tubes like the 5U4, 5V4, 5Y3 & GZ34/5AR4's. 

This new Mill Hill Audio design is built with excellent craftsmanship and quality components; a must have for any collection. 


This "Zebra Head" is actually the first prototype and is being offered at our Mill Hill Audio "Online Store", plus it is currently available at www.Ebay.com Good Luck Bidding...



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Jonathan Edward Glynn

Jonathan Glynn has professional electronic training from Air Force, Military Contracts and Motorola as well as self-education.

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