The LANDMINE offers girth, meat and rip your head off power!



     With the gain turned all the way down, the effect has a vintage vibe imparted on the tone, rolled off highs with a sheen of age. As the gain is turned up, the effect moves through aggression and speed ending up in a pure explosion! The second control is output volume, with the control set low, a thin speedy almost tweeky tone is present. As the volume is increased the amplifier is treated with pure over drive grind, which is quite addictive. The two controls combined with the drive of your Guitar volume offers many interactive options.
     One of the things that I wanted to address with the LANDMINE was that most effects are copies of designs that were popular during much different sounding eras. For today's much more powerful tone, The LANDMINE offers girth, meat and rip your head off power! All aspects of a LANDMINE!
    Solid State : "Put Sand in your signal and you get gritty sound!" Well maybe this is true... But what if you were trying to get a grittier tone? What if you started to understand that all tone has a setting that is perfect?! Who can say anything is bad, or good for that matter, maybe "IS" is closer to the truth.
    Couple all of this with mindful design, quality components in a tightly hand wired point to point circuit, and you have the makings of an explosion for the masses!

Jonathan, Please practice peace...
Mill Hill Creations
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High quality parts and true bypass switching with dual
batteries for separate power supplies for audio and ultra bright light.

How do you describe the L A N D M I N E ?

"Ultrasmooth Hi Fi Super Phat Halo Phuzz"

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Jonathan Edward Glynn

Jonathan Glynn has professional electronic training from Air Force, Military Contracts and Motorola as well as self-education.


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