It is such a shame to find vintage Fenders that are old and dead due to electronic failure. 


We rescued an AA165 Bassman for the Foundation of our next Hot Rod. This Bassman was clean yet cooked. Arizona, which is where the Foundation was found, has a way with keeping all metal very clean, while baking everything else.

We incorporated many of the mods that we offer in our Catalog for Modifications and Restorations . For example, those familiar with the AA 165 circuit will notice we have added a tube rectifier which is essential for a breathing amplifier that you 'play with' versus 'play through'.

You will also notice our filter supply looks different as well. The extra parts are a DC Heater supply for the preamplfier offering a much lower noise floor.

The Foundation circuit is a Mill Hill original, offering two input choices with front panel switching abilities for coupling capacitor changes to alter the tone and frequency response. Two stepper switch volume controls feed a tone control section with Treble, Bass and the Chanter Feature.

The output power section is set up to accept many output tube types like 6V6's and EL34's. A set of New Old Stock 6L6 power tubes are installed now and with Cathode Biasing, tube changes can be made without any electronic adjustment.

For the Foundation amplifier we chose a selection of Carbon composition resistors, oil capacitors, silver-washed copper turrets mounted in FR4 circuit card material with silver washed high purity copper wire. The resulting tone is rich in harmonic content and very musical in presentation.

Hemp, wool and leather with copper face plates create a look that is as distinct as the sonic attributes of the Foundation.

The Foundation amplifier now resides in our recording studio, Rockwood Records.

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Jonathan Edward Glynn

Jonathan Glynn has professional electronic training from Air Force, Military Contracts and Motorola as well as self-education.


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