Pagota Under Blue Sky

I found inspiration and like the guided wind, I pulled together the "Pagota Under Blue Sky". 

Pagota Under Blue Sky


Experimenting into undocumented tones for the creation of music.


        I found inspiration and like the guided wind I pulled together the "Pagota Under Blue Sky".  Every aspect of the Pagota was as simple and happy as could be dreamed.  I used the pine cabinets my Father had built for me for prototyping.  I had been dreaming on them for awhile.  The time was now and they were chosen.  My Painting was a free blast of inspiration.  As I neared completion, I heard "Pagota Under Blue Sky".  So after receiving the name and creating a painted cabinet,  I saw the mint chassis (vintage piece of tube test equipment) sitting in there and something felt right.  So I wired a simple single ended design, featuring four switching options for different component value or bypass options.  There were extra holes in the face plate and I chose to fill them with features.  This is intended to be a fun amp!

      Pagota's signal path is wired in .999 fine Silver with Euro Paper in Oil capacitor and an Orange drop completes the signal Path.  A 6X5 rectifier tube with Solen filter capacitors and a mixture of Carbon Composition and Metal Film resistors are blended for the best attributes of each.  All new components to include Switchcraft jacks, Mil Spec fuse holder, new switches and a three prong power cord were added.  Exciting stuff, huh!  Oh yea, Mil Spec 6V6GTA and a 1950's vintage 6SL7.

     I built in the extra circuit options and I ended up making a 'mistake'.  I had miswired a part and found my fortunate accident!  At first I was thinking I have to get rid of this artifact, as it is not what I was intending as I designed.  However, after playing guitar through it, I felt like I was becoming addicted to the 'error'.  This effect is like nothing I have ever seen or played with, a definite jewel.

     So what does this effect sound like?  Well up to about 40% power the Pagota plays nice and warm with beautiful breakup; infectious.  Then at about 50%, the warble appears... Touch sensitive grasps of control and echos and . . . switch settings add bump, speed and severity.  The warble is not tremolo, or reverb, it is a pulsating phenomenon that can be blasted through with strong strumming or used as a source of beat to be played along with.

     This amplifier & effect will be an integral part in our coming studio that will offer such unique tones to our clients.

Jonathan, Please practice peace...

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Jonathan Edward Glynn

Jonathan Glynn has professional electronic training from Air Force, Military Contracts and Motorola as well as self-education.


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