Phoenix Rising

Legends of the Phoenix ...


Legends of the Phoenix ...

Egypt         In Egypt, the phoenix (Bennu) was the brilliantly red and golden plumed sacred bird of Heliopolis.   It created itself from the fire that burned on top of the sacred Persea tree and was worshiped as it lived on the ben-ben stone within the sanctuary of Heliopolis.  Legendarily, the phoenix symbolizes rebirth as it rises from the ashes, just as the new sun rises from the old.

Greece        In Greek mythology, the phoenix lives for 500 years and sings a song so beautiful that the sun God would stop his chariot to listen.  At  its time of death, the phoenix is consumed by flames as a new phoenix rises from the pyre.  This phoenix then gathers the ashes of its predecessor in an egg of myrrh and flies with it to the City of the Sun.  There the ashes are offered at the altar of the sun god.

China         In China, the phoenix represented power and prosperity and reflected the empress.  Only she was allowed to wear its symbol. The phoenix had a large bill, the neck of a snake, the back of a tortoise and the tail of a fish.  It is the legendary symbol of high virtue and grace and symbolizes the union of yin and yang.

Arabia         Arabic legends describe the phoenix (Roc) as a gigantic bird with two horns on its head and four humps on its back.   The phoenix was a symbol of strength, purity and life.

Mill Hill Creations         At Mill Hill, the 'Phoenix Rising'  is reborn from the ashes  of Summer #13.  This was a custom Summer used as the prototype for Billy Gibbon's 'Summer of Love' amplifier #69.  The Number 13 was cursed from the start.  After several catastrophes, the cabinet was destroyed by our trusty shipping services.  To salvage the custom circuit, the chassis was reborn into the Summer #14 cabinet.  To symbolize the one and only #13 to ever come from Mill Hill Creations. we chose a fiery orange to paint this one of a kind amplifier.

     As mentioned before, this was a prototype for Summer of Love #69.  The Concept was to merge the Summer and Love amplifiers.  The 'Phoenix Rising' has a larger power supply for increased volume from the triode connected power section running EL34's or 6V6's.  The signal path is wired in .999 fine silver with no resistance from a volume control and coupled from each stage with vintage paper in oil capacitors.



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