1954 Ampex Collection

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Posted on September 25, 2011


Welcome to my 1954 Ampex 300 Stereo collection.  I call it a collection right now as I am not rebuilding anything until I have completed the collection and know how it will all fit together as a complete thought.  I have changed my mind many times about how to best use this equipment, all the while buying, trading and receiving gifts from Ampex fans who want their pieces to go to a good home and have a place in the future.  I have been building this collection for about 10 years, which includes text, the begining of a spares package and other duplication gear that I do not know how it will all fit together functionally yet.

This Ampex 300 started life in the Military as a data recorder.  All of the tubes are the same, although the input and output transformers are missing.  I view this as a blessing as I am open to various connectivity options.  The basic electronics are very clean without rust… Nice and ready to be reborn.

Mr. Les Paul sittin’ with his Ampex system and his Gibson.  Happy and Old!  Thank you Les for all your work and exploration in the world of music and electronics.   



Ampex 375 for clean power.  I won this one on ebay and drove up to Santa Cruz from Calabasas and took the family for a weekend on the board walk,  fine dining and a nice hotel.  Wonderful town and friendly people up in Santa Cruz.  I wish I could take the time to visit all of the towns I find gear.

An Ampex Fan; I am a Fan of Ampex… With all of these tubes, a nice flow of air is a must.  Another ebay find!  I would not have been able to create this collection without ebay and I would like to take this moment to thank them for all of the hard work they have provided our community.   Viva La Ebay!!!

This is an Ampex 6515 power amplifier with a push pull 807 power tube section.  Peerless power and output trasformers and more clean metal.  Wonderfull point to point wiring and mindful execution.         I need a second one of these 6515′s and a pair of 6446′s which have four 807′s for BASS.

This is an Ampex Equalizer for the duplication of tape media.  It would be nice to have another as I have this one.  Not sure how it will fit into the big picture, but the raw parts are nice and I should be able to build a preamp for one of the channels.  Perhaps someone could let me know what it is for, then I could  use it  for that purpose?!

This is an Ampex 6815 and is some kind of line level preamp without input or output transformers.  Like some of the other pieces, I only have one right now and need another, without actually knowing how it will be used in the big picture.  Perhaps it will be one channel of a record player preamplifier??? If you know what it is used for, please let me know.

A friend of mine gave me this military rack to hold the Ampex bits I have so far.   I will need to find another matching cabinet or a new pair of racks to hold the rest of the pieces once I get the massive 6446′s.  

I also need to figure out some kind of mixing console to mix about 10 microphone inputs down to left and right channels.  I am a fan of Sun Records and the way they recorded everyone at once in a live situation.  I realize there are Altec mixers that could fit this position although I would like to build an Ampex mixer even though there might not be one. 

Perhaps there is an Ampex mixer and I just don’t know of it yet.  If anyone knows, please let me know.   I need a short list of pieces : 1. 1 each 381 Speed Lock Control Track Generator. 2. 1 each 6815 preamp.  3. 1 each 6515 power amplifier.  4. 2 each 6446 power amplifiers. 5.  A second Ampex Fan.  Please contact me at :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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