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Written by  Wednesday, 09 November 2011 20:22

Welcome to Mill Hill Audio

The Mill Hill Audio company, has been creating electronic excellence since 1995.  Jonathan Edward Glynn, lead designer and founder of Mill Hill Audio, set out to create the "World's Finest Amplifiers".  With a background knowledge of luxury items instilled by his Mum, (who was born in Mill Hill, England) Jonathan coupled his knowledge of "Quality" with his military electronics training and branched into creating high electronic art. 

Mill Hill Audio designs are intended for those individuals with discerning tastes, who understand quality, which is built to last.  The details that go into every aspect of each design, are extraordinary.  Designed in a holistic manner that considers beauty, resonance and balance; each element supports the entire experience.  

At Mill Hill Audio, we strive to maintain the integrity, quality & value of our creations, on a daily basis.

Acquiring Mill Hill Audio products :  Please view the completed work in our online store for your purchasing consideration.  Items found in the store are already built and are ready to ship. 

Currently we do not take orders, deposits or commissions, as I feel more natural in releasing solutions when I have completed my artistic execution. The complete line of Mill Hill Audio products will be available when we are able to grow our company to support that vision.



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CONTACT: Jonathan Glynn | 805.415.9878 | California, USA | Jonathan@MillHillAudio.com