Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Dear Mill Hill Audio Proposed Client,

At Mill Hill Audio we build the world’s finest tube amplifiers by hand in Southern California.  It is my desire to have you come to my gallery and play the proposed piece, hear with your own ears, see with your own eyes and feel with your own heart.   At this point, you would know if this piece of electronics, is for you.

Payment:  At Mill Hill Audio we accept Cash, Money Orders, Checks and Bank Transfers.  We do not accept credit cards as they infringe upon our “No Return Policy”.

Return Policy: I do not support the concept whereby a client shops on the world wide web, listening to digitally altered tone samples, through tiny computer speakers, viewing color samples dithered to be compatible with your browser…  I feel, this level of research on your part, limits your ability to understand what you are doing.  At this point in your confusion the credit card company steps in and says, “Don’t worry, buy it and if it is not exactly what you want, return it”!  When this happens, and it has, my art is subject to shipping company error, non-respectful handling by proposed client and even worse packing from a person who wanted to play with our art for a few weeks, tracking an album or playing the local coffee shops, who knows…  End of the story, our art is returned damaged.  We lose too much energy in playing this game.

I am no fool.  I build nice gear.  I have played all the circuits and know my competition.   If you would like to own a Mill Hill Audio product, please visit.  If you are unable to visit, do your best research and weigh your risks, as there is “No Return Policy”.

Duplication: Mill Hill Audio reserves the rights of creation.  Purchasing a Mill Hill Audio creation does not give you the right to transfer a copy of the work, in real or digital form.

Warranty:  Mill Hill Audio creates electronics with high quality components and assembly is performed to military standards.   Accidents happen, tubes die, time passes and when it does, Mill Hill Audio is the only authorized repair center for Mill Hill Audio products.  Owners are required to pay for parts and labor.

Right to Refuse: Mill Hill Audio reserves the right to refuse any client, so be cool.

CONTACT: Jonathan Glynn | 805.415.9878 | California, USA | Jonathan@MillHillAudio.com